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Get Your Inner-Glow On… A 7-Day Challenge: Inspiration For Shining Your Light

Do you want to feel empowered again… grounded… safe and secure… uplifted… connected… inspired… rejuvenated? Of course you do - we all do. It’s time to get your inner-glow on, to unite… ignite… and embody deLight!


Words are energy… music is energy. They both hold a frequency that you can match when you speak, chant or sing them (like a mantra), or when you hear a song that lifts your spirits. In that light, a different version of “This Little Light Of Mine” (all non-denominational) has been provided for seven days so you can sing along, dance, clap, snap your fingers, tap your toes, shake a rattle, or whatever you feel moved to do.

To access each day of the Challenge, click the links below.

Note: To return, use your back button, or click "Inner-Glow Challenge", which is below the tabs (links) that appear directly under the banner.

You're welcome to comment daily (here and/or on Facebook) as a way to journal your experience. It's FREE to register on CyberCOM and help us build a conscious online community. Vibe on!!!


Make a post here on CyberCOM each day of the challenge (it doesn't matter when you begin - the challenge will always be accessible). When you've completed all seven days, message us. You'll be gifted your C.S.ONE Passport, and assigned private quarters onboard the Station!

C.S.ONE - Cyber-Space Station ONE, is an engaging Internet experience and online resource for conscious living. To get on board, click the link above.

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