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Travel Logs

Have you been exploring sacred sites, exotic places, or beautiful locations and would like to share your journey? If so, create a Travel Log!

If you're here to view the Travel Logs that have already been created, click "Travel Logs" on the menu bar above this post.


You can chronicle your adventures as they're happening, or create a Travel Log upon your return. Photos and video are welcome, however, this is not a storage site. Please be selective with what you upload and always include a description. For helpful tips on how to embed your videos (and Facebook photos), click the CyberCOM banner, then scroll down the page.

Keep in mind that Travel Logs are personal journals, with posts chronicled in a single "Topic". If you want to converse about your travel experiences, please create a "Hot Topic" in the Travel Club's Topic Board (click the CyberCOM banner, then "Topic Boards" under the category "Participate" in the column on the left).

1. To get started, click "Travel Logs" on the menu bar above this post, then "New Topic".

2. [wave] Before proceeding, click the box below the text editor that says "Lock this topic". (If you forget, you can go back by clicking "Edit" then "Use Full Editor".)

3. Advertising is not allowed.

You can make entries in your Travel Log as often as you like by clicking the "Reply" tab (top or bottom right corners). We wish you a good journey and look forward to exploring your Travel Log.

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