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The LightLog mission is to bring you uplifting stories, messages, music and art that will brighten your day, inspire hope, and illuminate the path to planetary and inner peace. To view our offerings, click "LightLogs" (the link is on the menu bar above this post), and before you know it you'll start feeling "lighter"!

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Become A CyberCOM LightLogger

Do you have a passion for inspiring others? If so, become a CyberCOM LightLogger!

Becoming a LightLogger requires a committment to making a log entry at least once a week. Your LightLog can be content specific, such as “Sara’s Animal Antics”, or all-inclusive (“Sara’s LightLog”). If your written content will only include material that you create yourself, such as poetry, that would be an “Inner-LightLog”.

A post could be an uplifting message or insight, recount of an experience you had, poem or lyrics, amusing anecdote, or anything else you would like to share in a few paragraphs or less (for the most part). Every post can include - or be - either a photo, image, or video (artist credits should be noted when using photos/images that are not royalty free). Videos and photos can be embedded from both Facebook and YouTube, plus, photos can be uploaded from your computer.

Note: Embedded videos appear to be photos. When embedding you could include "Video Below: Click the photo." For helpful tips on how to embed videos and Facebook photos, click the CyberCOM banner, then scroll down the page. To return, click "LightLogs" under the category "Inspiration" in the column on the left.

Getting Started

  1. Click "LightLogs" (the link is on the menu bar above the post), then "New Topic".
  2. Enter a title that reflects the focus of your LightLog.
  3. In the text editor, upload a photo/image, then enter a description. Be sure to include the day(s) of the week that you'll be making your entries so folks know when to revisit your LightLog. You can always edit the post in the future if anything changes.

Note: Please keep the mission of a LightLogger in mind at all times. A LightLog is not a personal profile, blog, photo storage service, or a place to advertise your work or wares (although you’re welcome to provide a link to your website/blog/social media pages).

Within 48-hours you'll receive notification via email that your LightLog has been reviewed and made visible to the public, along with a "Comments" post for visitors. Then you'll be ready to make your first log entry, and start inviting people you know to visit your LightLog. A good way to do that is through social media.

VIP Status

Once you’ve made eleven consecutive entries please contact us so we can upgrade your membership status to VIP! On CyberCOM, VIPs (Very Involved Participants) receive special privileges and rewards.

Benefits And Rewards

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