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Welcome to TravelLights!

TravelLights is a free service to help you minimize the cost and stress of traveling, while maximizing the comfort and convenience. The idea is to meet interesting people with knowledge of the area they live in, while enjoying hospitable accommodations that feel like home. Now you can travel light...

Travelers: Do you attend out-of-town events, travel due to work, expect to relocate soon and want to get familiar with the area, or simply enjoy exploring new places? If so, find a TravelLight Host now on CyberCOM! You can search for a Host, post what you're looking for, or do both.

Hosts: Do you enjoy meeting interesting people, cooking for or transporting guests, and/or have a spare room, bed or camping area to offer for a short stay in exchange for event passes, services or merchandise? If so, become a TravelLight Host! You can search for a Traveler, post what you're offering, or do both.

Travel Buddies: Need a buddy to share expenses the next time you travel to a convention or other event. Find a conscious TravelLight companion.

Critter Sitters: Need to travel and can't bring along your animal companion or find lodging that accommodates pets? Find a conscious care provider in your area - or where your visiting - on TravelLights.

To get started now, click "TravelLights" on the menu bar above this post.

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