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LightWeavers Crisis Unit

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 is a global coalition providing energetic healing, hope and comfort. Our mission is to weave a World Wide Web of Light so we can raise the collective vibration and manifest a global shift in consciousness.

About The Crisis Unit

No injustice or catastrophe should ever go unnoticed just because it didn’t happen in our own backyards. In that light, the Crisis Unit is here for LightWeavers to respond as soon as there’s news of a crime against humanity, natural disaster or tragedy. Upon arrival we begin posting support statements and sending energetic healing and hope to the victims, their families and communities. Your participation in service to humanity is greatly appreciated!

Crisis Topics

To participate, click "Crisis Unit" (on the menu bar above this post), and scroll to view all crisis topics. To post a support statement, click a crisis title, then "Reply" (top or bottom right corners).

To create a crisis topic, click "New Topic". Topic titles should include the crisis and location. For example, "Earthquake in Haiti", or, "Child Missing in California", etc. In the text editor enter a link to the news bulletin or special report (please do not embed videos), then enter a support statement.

Support Statements

A support statement could be something like "Sending healing energy." or "Praying for all those affected." You can also include a prayer, blessing, or anything that offers encouragement. Statements should not include descriptive words about the crisis (such as "Sending healing energy for this horrific tragedy.") The objective here in the Crisis Unit is to raise the vibration for those who are suffering, and use our collective intent as a conduit through which that energy can reach those who need it.

[nono] Please do not engage in conversation, post crisis updates, or include your thoughts/opinions/feelings about what happened. Advertising is not allowed.

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