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Note: To return to LightWeavers close this page.

 is a global coalition providing energetic healing, hope and comfort. Our mission is to weave a World Wide Web of Light so we can raise the collective vibration and manifest a global shift in consciousness.

To post a healing and prayer request, click "Reply" (top or bottom right corners). Be sure to enter the person's full name (even if it's for yourself). All names will be recited during the next "Weaving The Light" event, starting from those posted since the most recent offering took place.

Navigation Tip: For LightKeepers and the Crisis Unit, click "Categories". (Next to "Member Directory" on the menu bar above this post.)

Post Guidelines:

> You're welcome to re-post a name as often as you want or need to, however, please scroll through the posts to make sure you're posting for a new event. (Once the names have been read, the facilitator will make an entry indicating that healing and prayers have been sent. All the names posted after that will be recited at the next offering.)

> There is no limit on how many names you can post. However, each name should be in a separate post.

> Please do not enter lengthy details regarding the condition or situation of the person you're making the request for. A sentence or two is acceptable, as anything longer will make it difficult for the facilitator to read through all the posts. If you choose to simply enter a name, that is also fine.

May you find comfort through reaching out in behalf of those you care for, and by setting an intention for them to receive the healing and blessings they need to return to a state of wholeness.  

Teresa murphy moore
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Healing prayers for this breakup devastation and for resolve and a soul mate
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