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TravelLights Hosts

Travelers... scroll now to search for a host.

About Hosting

Do you enjoy meeting interesting people, cooking for or transporting guests, and/or have a spare room, bed or camping area to offer for a short stay in exchange for event passes, services or merchandise? If so, become a TravelLight Host!

Travelers will be looking to meet interesting people with knowledge of the area they live in, while enjoying hospitable accommodations that feel like home. Although some travelers may be willing to make a financial contribution, most will be interested in bartering. In addition to presenters and workshop facilitators who could waive their entrance fees, massage therapists, healers, intuitives, and energy workers can barter their services. Somebody might be offering to cook you a gourmet meal, organize your closets, or have CDs, handcrafted art and other merchandise you would be interested in.

To get started, please scroll for Post Guidelines.


1. C.S.ONE-CyberCOM does not screen or do background checks on travelers or hosts. C.S.ONE and CyberCOM are not responsible or liable for any issues, disputes, or consequences that may arise from correspondence or interaction using TravelLights. Any arrangements, interaction, and use of TravelLights is done at your own risk and personal expense. You're welcome to report incidents that arise, however, we cannot intercede on your behalf. In using this and any other TravelLights service, you agree to these Terms And Conditions. 

2. [nono] Do not engage in conversation or make arrangements here. Always connect through CyberCOM mail.

3. Never provide personal contact information in a post, including phone numbers, e-mail or real world addresses.

4. Never advertise or conduct business here.

We hope you have a wonderful experience using TravelLights!


> For other TravelLights services, click the link on the menu bar above this post (third link over). For all of CyberCOM's offerings, click the banner at the top of the page.
> If you arrived here from C.S.ONE, close this page to return. The deck menu will still be open. Check your taskbar or dock for the tab (bottom of screen). 


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Click the "Reply" tab (top or bottom right corners) to create your post. Although there's no limit regarding how much you information you can provide, please keep it concise. Here's what you'll need to include:

> The city and state you live in AT THE TOP of your post.

[bathtime] Your accommodations (examples: bed; private room; camping space; private bath).

> Describe your home environment. Is it quiet, busy, clean, etc. A photo would be helpful

> What extras you're willing to include (meals, rides, other).

> If you do or do not provide a smoke-free environment. Be specific regarding your own situation as well as expectations of travelers. Smoke-free means nobody in your home smokes AT ALL. Some people don't smoke in their house or vehicle but they do smoke.

> Will you be allowing animals.

Note: Please delete your post if you no longer want to be a TravelLights Host.

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