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Thank you for joining us. Dial-in toll free or connect online to tune in and participate!

(515) 604-9300     Access Code: 869515

Note: For a list of International toll free numbers, click the "Online Access" link below, then "View list". You do not have to join the room.


> Click "Join Online Meeting" (You don't need to join or download anything, so simply ignore any prompts to do so!)
> Enter your name and email. (Nobody but YOU and the host will see your email address in the Attendee List – your privacy is always respected. Your email is never saved or used in the future.)
> Click “Join Meeting Now”, then:

1. Press the phone icon on the control panel, then choose Mic & Speakers. (The Control Panel will change.)

2. Press the microphone (white background) icon to mute/unmute.

3. Press the speech bubble (white background) to text chat. (The chat box will open on the right.) Please note that the chat feature will be off during Meditations, Journeys, Circles and healing offerings, until the optional Social that follows each of these events.
  • To avoid interruptions in the conversation, please don't announce yourself as prompted - the host will greet you!
  • Never turn on your webcam. If it activates automatically, please click the camera icon and turn it off manually.
  • To minimize feedback, always mute yourself when not talking, and use a headset when voice chatting online.

  Note: For the tech support phone number, click "Back to Wall", or dial: (844) 844-1322

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